Herbal Remedies


Pharmacist formulated, featuring Australian medicinal plants & handmade organic botanical extracts

Herbs of Tasmanian Tiger

Dr. Karolina (Kaja) Skraskova is a botanically-oriented pharmacist (apothecary) and scientist based in Tasmania. She handcrafts a collection of remedial herbal skincare &
dental care which celebrates Australian Nature, while drawing on Kaja´s expert knowledge of pharmacy, chemistry and botany. In honor of the Tasmanian tiger (Thylacine), Kaja´s herbal remedies are crafted from native Australian plants and locally grown medicinal herbs. Each ingredient in Kaja´s herbal products has a clear remedial purpose. Kaja is involved in each step of the herbal making: from formulation & preparation of organic botanical extracts, to the final remedy. She also carries out research into native Tasmanian plants. Her herbal remedies connect the best of the two worlds: the Natural and the Scientific.