Herbal Remedies


Pharmacist formulated, featuring Australian medicinal plants & handmade organic botanical extracts

Herbs of Tasmanian Tiger

Dr. Karolina (Kaja) Skraskova is a botanically-oriented pharmacist (apothecary) and scientist based in Tasmania. She handcrafts a collection of remedial herbal skincare which celebrates Australian Nature, while drawing on Kaja´s expert knowledge of pharmacy, chemistry and botany. In honor of the Tasmanian tiger (Thylacine), Kaja´s herbal remedies are crafted from native Australian plants and locally grown medicinal herbs. Each ingredient in Kaja´s herbal products has a clear remedial purpose. Kaja is involved in each step of the herbal making: from formulation and preparation of organic botanical extracts, to the final remedy. She also carries out research into native Tasmanian plants. Her herbal remedies connect the best of the two worlds: the Natural and the Scientific.