Medicinal Plants And Holistic Science


Blending science and tradition of medicinal plants


Dr Karolina (Kaja) Skraskova, the founder of Herbae Thylacini, is a botanically-oriented pharmacist (MSc) and a holistic scientist (PhD) with passion for herbal medicine. While studying her science-based Pharmacy degree in the Czech Republic, Kaja became intrigued by the combination of botany & chemistry to heal the body naturally. After finishing her MSc in Pharmacy, Kaja went on to complete a PhD at Maastricht University in The Netherlands, becoming a specialist on measuring the chemistry of human body and plants. Having worked in laboratories and pharmacies in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands & Australia, she has gained a broad professional experience over the past decade.

''Herbae Thylacini was born from my love and appreciation of Plants. I love observing and studying their ways of living. As a pharmacist (apothecary), I am particularly intrigued by their medicinal properties. Chemistry and botany are big parts of my scientific journey. But what I am interested in the most is how Plants and People can heal each other. A couple of years ago, I shifted my research attention to Australian plants and to cultivation of locally grown medicinal plants. Our herbal remedies are the intimate result of my work, my passion and my love of the world of Plants. Our herbal remedies are crafted from the depths of my Heart and Soul and... well, Brain, I suppose, because they are the distillation of the best of my knowledge, which I am so passionate to ever increase.''