Medicinal Plants And Holistic Science


Blending science and tradition of medicinal plants

Kaja Skraskova

Only a branding non-specialist can choose convoluted Latin words to name their business:

Herbae Thylacini.

Herbs of Tasmanian Tiger.


That’s my business.

Or I would rather say: That’s me.

My name is Kaja and I am not a marketing professional. I am an herbal pharmacist, scientist and an honest plant lover.


The tale of Herbae Thylacini starts when I was 11 years old. It was then that I started dreaming of running an old-style apothecary - a place sought after by people who need to reconnect with herbs to heal. This dream lived on during my studies of pharmacy, framed by my strong interest in herbal medicine. However, after I gained my degree in 2011, I was lured into science and embarked on a research trajectory. Those years saw me travel the world while working on a variety of research topics.

In 2014, one such journey brought me to Tasmania where I was hoping to learn about native, medicinal plants. To my surprise I quickly discovered that Australian herbal medicine is almost entirely built on European traditions. “What an oversight of local botanical resources!”, I thought. I vowed to come back and change it.

I returned to Tasmania in March 2016, literally only a couple of days after completing my PhD. Capitalizing on my research skills, I received a funding to study native Tasmanian plants. Herbae Thylacini was born later that year, setting in stone my path towards creating a bush apothecary (and hopefully one day an old-style brick and mortar place).

Herbae Thylacini took off with a modest range of native herbal remedies. Nowadays, I handcraft a growing collection of personalized herbal medicines and natural herbal skin care that creatively ties native and locally grown medicinal plants.