Herbae Thylacini is a Tasmanian Bush Apothecary focused on making hand-crafted herbal remedies and natural skin care. It was founded in 2016 by herbal pharmacist Dr Karolina Kaja Skraskova. Kaja is passionate about finding local and particularly native alternatives to imported exotic herbs & ingredients and reducing unnecessary transport miles and carbon footprint.



The World Trade Organization (WTO) will have you believe that the international trade does not contribute significantly to CO2 emissions. That’s because, they argue, as much as 90% of the international trade happens by the means of marine transport. This statement has two glitches:

1. According to the International NGO Local Futures, in 2012 commercial ships produced over a million tons of CO2 per day. This is more than the emissions of the UK, or Canada, or Brazil. It represents roughly 4% of the world’s CO2 emissions – and it’s set to grow to 17% by 2050 if current trade rules continue!

2. International trade is not limited to transporting goods via boats from the country of production to the country of consumption. It includes additional road and air transport from places of manufacture to ports (often with distributor/storage phases) and then again from ports to the place of sale. Overall, the distance an ingredient must travel from overseas to reach the final costumer in Australia is long and dirty.

We are committed to reducing the flight miles, carbon footprint & atmospheric pollution of our supply chain by avoiding a large number of transport steps. We work hard to decrease the distance between where our plant ingredients are grown and produced, where our formulations are manufactured, and where our final products are used. How do we do that?

By sourcing herbs and plants directly from Australian growers and Indigenous communities and by preparing our own extracts by hand! Additionally, we do NOT sell our products overseas!



Certified organic medicinal plants represent well over half of ingredients in our products. Our steadfast commitment to sourcing native and local herbs ensures their purity and quality and is key for the efficacy of our products. Our herbal extracts are crafted in-house from raw plant material and they form the foundation of our natural skin care and herbal remedies. The whole-plant extracts feature a rich palette of colours. This is an important sign that they are loaded with potent antioxidants and phytochemicals. As our herbal extracts are crafted in small batches, they do not need to be preserved. This successfully brings the chemical load of our products to zero.



Only natural ingredients accompany the herbs in our products. You will NOT find any:

* palm oil and its derivatives

* synthetic chemicals

* water and other fillers in our range.

Our herbal formulas are delivered in BPA- and PVC-free, reusable and recyclable (preferably glass and aluminium) jars to be enjoyed by women, men and children of all ages. Information on packaging is displayed on each product page. We post our parcels plastic-free.



There are two types of skin care businesses: One group boasts about sourcing their precious ingredients from all over the world. The other claims (and they are often unproven assertions) to source theirs locally. While we endeavour to source our ingredients locally, we work towards creating a third type of herbal skin care business. One that is transparent about where our ingredients come from. Each of our products features an Australian score, which reflects the portion of ingredients grown or produced in Australia.