Custom-made herbal skincare and remedies

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Custom-made natural herbal skincare that suits YOU.

* Chamomile & Burdock Calming Cream

Deeply healing light cream that repairs red, irritated, dry and flaky eczema and can be used as a daily moisturizer. Suited for people with very sensitive skin. With over 600 mg of active botanical constituents per 1 g of product, this cream is brimming with calming and moisturizing extracts, antioxidants and nourishing plant oils. A typical off-the shelf herbal eczema cream contains on average 20-40 mg of active constituents per 1 g of product. That makes our cream 30x more potent! As per our ethos, the cream is hand crafted from house-made botanical extracts prepared from organically grown Australian medicinal herbs (imported plants tend to be weaker due to long supply chain and often inappropriate storage conditions).

Amount 100g

* Gotu Kola & Marshmallow Hydrating Hand Cream

Rich profoundly hydrating cream that repairs dry, damaged skin. It’s thicker texture makes it especially suited for hands and body. With around 570 mg of active botanical constituents per 1 g of product, this cream is brimming with repairing and healing extracts, antioxidants and nourishing botanical oils. A typical off-the shelf herbal eczema cream contains on average 20-40 mg of active constituents per 1 g of product. That makes our cream nearly 30x more potent!

Amount 100g

* Lemon Myrtle & Tea Tree Antifungal Body Oil

Fungal skin infections are no fun! They often manifest as red maps on different parts of the body and may get itchy. Getting rid of them can be a matter of patience. With the right amount of antifungal essential oils and house-made plant extract, our body oil can help keep the fungal infections in check.

Amount 25 mL

* Kunzea & St John’s Wort Body Oil

This highly medicinal body oil is overflowing with plant extracts and essential oils in the right concentration. It has been formulated to help with management of nerve pain and arthritis.

Amount 100 mL

Notes on Ingredients:

– All of the above custom-made natural herbal skincare and remedies are formulated from scratch to reflect your individual needs and the ingredients vary. In fact, we may end up with an entirely new product that we will be able to add as a new listing!

– All our creams are crafted from hydrosols, (3-8) house-made plant extracts, cold-pressed at large unrefined plant oils, Ecocert Cosmos and ICEA certified natural emulsifier(s) and natural preservative(s).

– Our creams contain no water – a blank ingredient that has no healing effect!

– We don’t use any essential oils or natural fragrances just to make a product “smell nice”. All the creams have soft floral aromas arising from our plants extracts.

– Over 95 % of plants present in the creams (including plants used for manufacture of hydrosols and preparation of our extracts) are organically grown in Australia.

Lead times:

– Initial consultation (via email) may take up to 1 week.

– If formulating an entirely new product, we leave 3 weeks for the work.

– A product from the list above can be typically ready within 1 week.

Contact us to discuss your needs & requirements.

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Chamomile & Burdock Calming Cream, Gotu Kola & Marshmallow Hydrating Hand Cream, Kunzea & St John's Wort Body Oil, Lemon Myrtle & Tea Tree Antifungal Body Oil

4 reviews for Custom-made herbal skincare and remedies

  1. Erica

    Kunzea & St John’s Wort Body Oil

    We are pleased to report back that since receiving your order on Tuesday morning my neighbor has used the oil, as per your instructions and today ( thur night ) she has no pain at all and didn’t need to take valium for her usual mostly hip pain. As for myself I have also has great success, my pain is in my sacroiliac joint which for some strange reason has erroded away and therefore the nerve is constantly rubbing against an uneven surface. Not solved by the medical world with out serious side effects and even then I can’t say how long it has been since I have been pain free. Yet after a few good lashings of your oil and I am almost pain free I slept for 6hrs without waking amazing!! As for the rest of your products they are all awesome, our families are all trying things for our next order.

  2. Lisa

    Lemon Myrtle & Tea Tree Antifungal Body Oil

    Growing tired of lashing my skin with synthetic preparations, I turned to this oil in hope to use a more natural method to get rid of my fungal infection that is typically spread all over my back. Though the effect was slower than when using medicine from a pharmacy, it greatly helps to keep the infection at bay. I will be back for more!! Thank you!

  3. Jesse

    Chamomile & Burdock Calming Cream

    My cream arrived so fast! I got it Saturday and used it that night, and on Sunday morning I noticed my face was more hydrated and less red! ❤️ thank you so, so much!

  4. Carol

    Chamomile & Burdock Calming Cream

    I have used this cream on a stubborn eczema that my daughter (2) has developed behind her knees. We have tried several creams from a pharmacy to no avail. Yet, after only one application of this cream, we have seen a huge improvement! From scarlet red to pale. After a couple more days of using the cream the eczema has nearly gone. When we added the Hypericum and Chickweed Treatment as advised, the skin healed completely. It took us 5 weeks of trials to find the right product and then only 5 days to get rid of the problem. Thank you, Kaja!

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