Lemon Myrtle & Nettle Face & Hair Toner



Refreshing cocktail of fragrant Australian hydrosols, healing nettle and yarrow extracts and Tasman Sea salt to balance oily, reactive, acne-prone skin. Doubles up as a hair mist that softens your dark mane and calms your scalp.

Client profile

* Acne-prone and oily skin folk.

* Dark haired folk or those who want to darken their mane.

* Floral aroma lovers.

Featured native plant

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora)
Lemon Myrtle is an exotic plant of rainforest Queensland. Its leaves and essential oil distilled from them smell strongly of citrus fruit due to their high content of lemon-y citral. The same compound that gave this Myrtle its name is present in minute concentrations in its hydrosol, giving way to subtler floral aromas.

Featured local plant

Nettle (Urtica dioica)
Can you recall how your skin looks after it came in touch with a nettle? Making use of homeopathic principles, nettle can heal just that: red, swollen, disturbed skin. Nettle is a powerhouse of minerals and phytonutrients, including a number of flavonoids and polysaccharides. It is rich in minerals that nourish not only skin but also hair, making it shinier, stronger and also … darker.

Directions for use

Apply liberally on your face (hair) in the morning and during the day to refresh and heal your skin. In the evening, use to remove make-up residues, spray on clean skin and follow with our Calendula & Balm Mint Bush Face Oil while your skin is still damp. Alternatively use as a spray mist to refresh your mane and calm you scalp. Can be used both on dry and wet hair.

Full list of ingredients

Backhousia citriodora Water (Lemon Myrtle Hydrosol) ^*, Thymus vulgaris Water (Thyme Hydrosol) ^*, Urtica dioica (Nettle) Extract ^*, Lavandula angustifolia Water (Lavender Hydrosol) ^*, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Extract ^*, Sal maris (Sea salt)

^ Australian grown
* Organic or wildcrafted

Australian score 100 %

Amount 100 mL



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