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Motherwort & Lavender Ritual Body Oil

Sale price$37.00
Support - Nourish - Restore

Herbal nourishment for postpartum bodies and minds.

  •     Hand-crafted from 100% Australian ingredients

  •     Contains no nut oils and no essential oils

  •     100% palm oil free  

Feminine herbal hug

This lush blend of herbal oils will wrap your (postpartum) belly, body and mind in a soft nurturing blanket. Motherwort is a very powerful plant medicine. Motherwort infusion is traditionally drank post birth to help with recovery of the wonderful postpartum body. We carefully infuse the herb into a mix of oils to enable a gentle application of its essence onto the strained body.

Easily one of the most popular and well known medicinal plants, lavender has a long healing tradition. It gained its glory as a fantastic remedy for ruffled nerves, anxiety and tension headaches. And we must not forget its renowned celebrated aroma! Our Ritual Body Oil does not contain a strong lavender essential oil. Instead, we use a house-made extract crafted from locally grown plants which leaves behind a calming hint of lavender.

Motherwort & Lavender Ritual Body Oil
Motherwort & Lavender Ritual Body Oil Sale price$37.00