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Seasonal skin remedies

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What's in season

1. Mandarin, Chamomile & Mint LIGHT Cream makes a fantastic daily moisturizer. The herbs I selected for this cream gently work to calm, repair, soothe, and hydrate the skin. This Cream is also available in its mint-free version to cater to the most sensitive of skins.

Both versions are light and absorb into the skin readily.

ALL herbs in this cream were lovingly grown by Australian farmers, growers and herbalists. Many people contributed to this cream, for example Alyson grew and distilled the heavenly mandarin hydrosol, Lisa and her team distilled the tea tree hydrosol, Greg grew and harvested the marshmallow root, chamomile and rose flowers, and Jess wildcrafted St John's Wort flowers.

2. Echinacea, Willow herb & Gotu Kola RICH Cream is a more specialized cream that will help hydrate and heal up skin that is extremely damaged and irritated. The careful selection of herbs in this cream have the capacity to heal damaged skin and increase blood flow into the affected area. I recommend it for skin that suffers from eczema and takes a long time to heal. This cream is rich and thick.

If you did not find what you need within our established and seasonal herbal offerings, I can prepare a personalized skin remedy that is tailored to suit your specific needs. Explore your options here.

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Seasonal skin remedies
Seasonal skin remedies Sale price$30.00