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Tailored skin remedies

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What I can provide

If you did not find what you need within our established herbal offerings, I can prepare a personalized skin remedy that is tailored to suit your specific needs. These remedies can look like a:

  • herbal cream to moisturize dehydrated skin.
  • herbal moisturizer to tame an eczema flare-up.
  • cooling herbal gel to temper an allergic skin reaction.
  • herb-infused oil.
  • thick whipped balm.
  • vapour rub.
  • muscle liniment.
  • medicinal lip balm.

... and more.

How I create your remedy

During my crafting process I am primarily led by the plants' chemical constituents to fashion highly specific extracts. Typically I combine 2-4 of these extracts in your remedy to bring out the full healing potency of the selected herbs. I prefer to work with Australian grown medicinal herbs sourced from local growers. I do not use any (semi)synthetic skin care actives. Neither do I perfect the texture of your remedy by using an army of semi-natural additives. However, I always place a great emphasis on tailoring your remedy type in line with your skin's need to be either protected, tempered, hydrated, oiled or nourished in a specific way.


Typically, the remedy takes a week to be prepared and dispatched. In cases when a specific ingredient needs to be sourced or made, timelines are discussed on individual basis.

What if I can't make what you need

If I can't make what you need, I will make a product recommendation instead. If I feel your issue requires a consultation from a natural medicine doctor, I will refer you to one of the many in my professional network.

How to order

A. If you know what you need, select your remedy type and amount from the options below. Please provide a brief description of the required product into the comment box with the order. I will be in touch if I require more information.

B. If you need guidance to select a remedy, you can provide brief description via our contact form. I will be in touch to arrange an online appointment.

Product type and amount:
Tailored skin remedies
Tailored skin remedies Sale price$60.00