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Chamomile & Leatherwood Remedial Salve

Sale price$35.00
Mend - Soothe - Protect

Dry, sensitive skin, eczema-prone skin

  •     Hand-crafted from 100% Australian ingredients

  •     Contains no essential oils 

  •     100% palm oil free

Universal healing remedy

This rich high-performance & multipurpose herbal salve will quickly become a staple skin care product and a universal healing remedy for the whole family. My children request the Salve for every injury, no matter how small or big. It has the amazing ability to protect dry cracked skin, soothe small patches of eczema, chapped lips, and mend minor scratches & skin ailments.

The herbs

Chamomile has a wonderful ability to soothe inflammation, irritation and redness. We combined it with deeply nourishing and protective Australian macadamia and coconut oils. Leatherwood is a rare plant endemic to lutruwita/Tasmania. The First Nations of lutruwita/Tasmania applied its nectar the expedite healing of wounds. Our Salve benefits from the healing properties of leatherwood by including honey made from its pollen.

Scent & texture

The leatherwood honey and beeswax provide the Salve with its specific scent. No essential oils are added to the Salve so that even the most sensitive of skins can reap its healing benefits.

The salve contains a high amount of beeswax, which contributes to the salve's ultra protective powers. Despite the high beeswax content, the Salve remains easy to spread. This is thanks to our unique hand-crafting approach.


Chamomile & Leatherwood Remedial Salve
Chamomile & Leatherwood Remedial Salve Sale price$35.00