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Kunzea & Quandong Herbal Body Balm

Sale price$39.00
Uplift - Moisturize - Firm

Dry, flaky skin, eczema-prone skin. 

  •     Hand-crafted from 75% Australian ingredients

  •     Made from 100% organic or wild-crafted ingredients 

  •     100% palm oil free

Deeply moisturizing

Imagine the perfect companion for a post-exercise shower. One that appeases both, dry and dull skin and tired body. This is exactly what we created in our Herbal Body Balm! Nourishing extracts of calendula and lemon balm have the innate ability to deeply repair and soothe the skin. Shea butter and Australian sunflower & macadamia oils make the balm glide on with ease and moisturize the skin.

Herbal alternative to a magnesium lotion

To top it off, we included a double house-made extract of comfrey. This strong plant works to increase cellular repair but is even more known for its ability to soothe muscle tension. Our extract of the Quandong nut is hands down the most laborious one to make. The First Nations of Australia were applying a paste made from these nuts to strengthen themselves before a long journey. Think Deep Heat, which is exactly how the nuts smell during the extract preparation!

Finally, Kunzea is one of the few native Australian plants officially used for medicinal purposes. You can find her growing all over the Tasmanian East coast. It is rich on aromatic compounds which are captured in its essential oil. The oil is used to soothe arthritis and works wonders for blocked sinuses.

Scent & texture

A little goes a really long way! The Body Balm spreads ultra easily and melts immediately upon contact with the skin. It has a stronger aroma than most of our products reminiscent of minty dark chocolate.


Kunzea & Quandong Herbal Body Balm
Kunzea & Quandong Herbal Body Balm Sale price$39.00