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Rosalina & Rosemary Temple Rub

Sale price$39.00
Relax - Release - Breathe

Native alternative to vapour rubs and sleep balms

  •     Hand-crafted from 95% Australian ingredients

  •     100% Australian grown essential oils 

  •     100% palm oil free  

Portable aromatherapy spa

Temple rub is a luxuriously smooth aromatherapy ointment crafted from rich herbal extracts and infused with a skilfull blend of calming essential oils. The calming scent of the Australian bush will transport you into an instantaneous mind-spa.

The herbs

We source our rosemary from two independent organic Tasmanian growers. Rosemary is a resilient herb and a fantastic warming remedy. It has a talent for quenching stubborn headaches and supporting memory. Our Temple Rub harnesses all that makes rosemary a powerful medicinal plant, turning it into a portable aromatherapy spa with unmatched healing qualities.

Ubiquitous on Flinders Island (a small Bass Strait Island North-West of Tasmania), our rosalina essential oil is distilled from plants grown just there. Rosalina is also known as “lavender tea-tree”, radiating aroma that bears resemblance of both plants. The chemical composition of the essential oil makes rosalina more suitable as a native alternative of lavender. It helps release muscle tension and cool hot headaches.


Rosalina & Rosemary Temple Rub
Rosalina & Rosemary Temple Rub Sale price$39.00