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Seasonal Creamy face and body moisturizers & Face masks

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What's in season

1. Plantain Cream is a specialized herbal cream based on a strong water extract of fresh plantain. Plantain is full of wonderful water-soluble constituents that help with wound healing, blood staunching and skin softening. Ideas for use: keratosis pillaris, blood staunching of small wounds (e.g. small finger cuts - for anything bigger, please seek proper medical help), cat scratches, small friction burns (think monkey bars overuse), splinters. For more info, refer to this VIDEO. This is a specialized skin remedy rather than a skin care product for daily use. If you are going to experiment with application on the face, please, make sure to patch test the product properly. Start using small amounts on small areas, less frequently and slowly build up if/as needed.

There is also a limited amount of Plantain Balms available. Read here to choose which plantain remedy suits your needs better.

2. Calendula & Chamomile Rich Moisturizer is a gentle yet rich deeply hydrating cream that harnesses chamomile's and calendula's skin healing qualities. Shea and cocoa butter wrap the skin in a protective envelope of skin friendly lipids. The Cream leaves the skin feeling instantly silky smooth. The Cream is best suited for daily use as a hand cream, night-time moisturizer, or a winter-season day-time moisturizer. Also available in SAMPLE sizes.

3. Echinacea & Gotu Kola Rich Cream is a more specialized cream with a rich texture. While it delivers hydration to the skin, the herbal ingredients of this cream actively work to repair and strengthen the skin barrier, and can help with management of eczema. The Cream is best suited to dry skin with a long-term damage. Also available in SAMPLE sizes.

Products from previous seasons - inquire about availability:

1. Calendula, Chickweed & Shea Barrier Body Balm w/ Zinc oxide is a thick and completely anhydrous (contains no water) balm. It literally embalms your skin in a protective layer of lipids and healing herbal extracts. It is ideally applied after a bath or shower to keep hydration in. It helps sealing damaged skin barrier which can then actively keep irritants at bay. It is particularly suited for preventing Winter eczema flare-ups. Check the texture in this VIDEO.

2. Yarrow, Calendula & Hibiscus Toning Face Cream is a light cream packed with a firming yarrow extract made in-house from Australian grown organic yarrow. The cream harnesses yarrow's astringent and toning properties which lead to firmer and toned skin. Hibiscus extract adds to the toning effect. Because the hibiscus extract is prepared from fresh plant, its vitamin C content is transferred during the extraction process and further still into the cream. Check the texture of this cream in this VIDEO.

If you did not find what you need within our established and seasonal herbal offerings, I can prepare a personalized skin remedy that is tailored to suit your specific needs. Explore your options here.

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Seasonal Creamy face and body moisturizers & Face masks
Seasonal Creamy face and body moisturizers & Face masks Sale price$19.00